Partners for Madagascar

Partners for Madagascar is an IRS-approved, 501c3 non-profit organization which helps support indigenous communities in Madagascar in the areas of economic development, poverty relief, education, and humanitarian work to aid the Malagasy people toward national self-reliance and self-determination.


PFM's current projects include:

Malagasy group of school children

Developing Rural Schools

  • Helps tribal peoples remain in their homelands
  • Combats urban migration and poverty
Rescuing Malagasy Infants

Rescuing infants and children from dangerous tribal taboos

Madagascar Children and Youth Centers

Tanjona Children and Youth Centers

  • Prevent teenage prostitution
  • Combat child trafficking


Madagascar Classroom Children

HECMMA University

  • Keeping the "Brain-Trust" inside a developing country through HECMMA Institute
  • Madagascar's first accredited private university


PFM officers, board members, advisory council members, and national workers are strictly forbidden from political involvement in the name of Partners For Madagascar. PFM complies fully with Malagasy government law and precepts and seeks government cooperation wherever this is appropriate.



Think you've got an economic crisis on your hands?

TRY LIVING ON ONLY $1,400 A YEAR like the average Malagasy.

Partners for Magdagascar (PFM) is devoted to working for and helping the people of Madagascar reach economic security and environmental awareness. PFM needs you to partner with the people of Madagascar (Malagasy peoples) to help them reach a better future.

How can you help?


  • Spread the word - Join us on social media, then tell your friends and family.
  • Travel to Madagascar - Travel there to teach, build, deliver supplies, and shake hands.
  • Donate - Support our operation, projects, people, and capital needs. Even a little goes a long way in Madagascar.



See our Donations/Volunteer page for more details.