You Can Help

PFM needs financial partners, both personal and corporate, who believe in its vision and mission.

Your gifts, whatever the size, can make a huge difference in changing the lives of many people.

You should never underestimate your impact. What you may think of as a small gift can make the difference in a Malagasy child finishing school or a Malagasy young person learning a life-sustaining skill.

Madagascar Mother and Child

Don't convince yourself that your gift is not enough, until you see what it can do.

PFM has no foundation or funding behind it. Its work does depend on the gifts of those who believe in its vision and mission.

Kinds of Donations

Operational Needs

Clint and Madagascar people These funds drive PFM and take care of administrative costs, like this website you're reading and newsletters that provide updates on PFM's progress and field challenges.

To enable and empower PFM in this way, gifts should be marked "Operational Needs."

Field Administrator Malala and PFM worker



Field Administrator, Malala, shows Bao Philomene, PFM worker, how to use a cell phone from the Malagasy rain forest.



Project Needs

Malagasy people working in field

PFM's field projects are most important part of PFM. They are where the people are.

If you mark a gift for "Projects," we will apply it to the most needy project(s) or the highest priority project(s).






Partners for Madagascar welcomes all individuals with general or special skills to assist us, here in the United States or in Madagascar. Please with your interest and skills.


In the near future, tours of PFM's work, prospective projects (as well as the major historic and natural sites) in Madagascar will be offered to student groups, prospective donors or volunteers and associates.Madagascar scenery

Ways to Donate

Partners for Madagascar offers a number of ways to make donations.

On-line Giving - You can support our operation, projects, people, and capital needs by making a credit card donation using PayPal.

You don't have to have a PayPal account. Do the following:

  • Click on the Donate link - you will be taken to Paypal

  • Enter the amount to donate
  • Click the 'Update' button
  • Click the 'Continue' located near the bottom left of that page to pay by credit card without registering/logging into a Paypal account.
  • Enter you credit card info and submit it

Giving by Phone - You can make a telephone contribution by calling our Fort Walton Beach Office at
850-420-5898. We will need to take down all the information on the Donation Form.

Giving by Mail - Please print and complete the Donation Form and send it with your gift to:

Partners for Madagascar

PO Box 1196

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32549