Yolande Fanjanirinarivo Meets Rural School

Field Director Yolande Fanjanirinarivo meets with a Malagasy rural school committee as they discuss the school's development and PFM's cooperation.


Partners for Madagascar have in place experienced and committed professionals who are dedicated to achieving our Mission. Read more about them with the links to the left.

We believe our history and work with this country and people provide us with the proper perspective and approach to help Malagasy communities overcome the psychology of dependency and achieve self-sustainablility.

We consider our first-hand knowledge of Malagasy life and culture a sacared trust in helping the Malagasy people.


It takes a carefully coordinated effort of field, home office, and volunteers to meet our Mission in Madagascar.

First and foremost, it takes the experience and dedication of a trained field professional like Clint Akins and a Malagasy leader like Yolande Fanjanirinarivo.

It takes a committed Board of Directors, Officers and Advisors to give guidance for the financial and organizational support to the Mission.

It takes committed volunteers and associates in both Madagascar and the U.S. to meet this challenge.